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As Roaming The Rinks continues to grow we now have the arena reviews indexed 2 ways: by location and by season.  Click on either link to find reviews of all the arenas where we have attended games.

Special Notes- All arenas are listed by the name that the arena held at the time of the game which was attended.  We have made return trips to several arenas, but the name will appear under the name at the time of RTR's first visit.  With the ever-changing nature of corporate arena naming rights the arena names may not be up to date.  If you are looking for a review of a particular arena and do not see it listed under its current name try looking under the location index and the city where the arena is.

We also have listed the reviews as the "home of" the team which occupied the building at the time of the review.  With the volatile nature of minor league sports we realize many cities may have teams with different names or different leagues than they had at the time of the review.  We also understand that some arenas may be home to more than one team at a time (college and minor league for example).

When attending a game I purchase a ticket just like every other fan.  I don't ask for press credentials or any special favors.  I am not the media, I am just a hockey fan who wants to experience hockey in as many places as possible.  We also think that sometimes the quest for tickets, or the scarcity of tickets to certain games, is an integral part of the gameday experience.

Lastly- the reviews are written as a first impression of the arena and game experience and "I call 'em as I see 'em"  so if I caught the arena in your town on an off night don't get mad, these are simply my impression of the way the sport we love, hockey,  is presented at various location throughout North America.    

We hope you enjoy Roaming The Rinks as we continue to grow and add new arena reviews each season.

Thank you-

Andy Ritter, webmaster and hockey fan