Roaming The Rinks

One hockey fan's journey to the arenas of North America

Norm Wagner - Bedford, OH

Cleveland Arena                                                       Cleveland, OH                                             AHL

Richfield Coliseum                                                    Richfield, OH                                               WHA

Gund Arena                                                               Cleveland, OH                                            AHL

Kent State Ice Arena                                                 Kent, OH                                                    ACHA

Value City Arena                                                       Columbus, OH                                           NCAA

Cincinnati Gardens                                                   Cincinnati, OH                                              IHL

Nationwide Arena                                                      Columbus, OH                                             NHL

Center Ice Sports Complex                                        Canton, OH                                                 CHL 

Steve Cady Arena                                                      Oxford, OH                                                 NCAA 

Joe Louis Arena                                                          Detroit, MI                                                   NHL

Dow Event Center                                                      Saginaw, MI                                                 OHL

L.C. Walker Arena                                                     Muskegon, MI                                              UHL

Van Andel Arena                                                       Grand Rapids, MI                                         AHL

Wings Stadium                                                         Kalamazoo, MI                                               UHL

Palace at Auburn Hills                                              Auburn Hills, MI                                            NCAA

Erie County Fieldhouse                                            Erie, PA                                                         NAHL

Civic Arena                                                               Pittsburgh, PA                                                NHL

Cambria County War Memorial                                Johnstown, PA                                               ECHL

Hersheypark Arena                                                  Hershey, PA                                                    AHL

Buffalo Memorial Auditorium                                    Buffalo, NY                                                     NHL

Glens Falls Civic Center                                          Glens Falls, NY                                               AHL

Appleton Arena                                                        Canton, NY                                                    NCAA

Rochester Community War Memorial                      Rochester, NY                                                AHL

Onondaga County War Memorial                            Syracuse, NY                                                  AHL

Starr Rink                                                                 Hamilton, NY                                                 NCAA

Achilles Center                                                         Schenectady, NY                                           NCAA

Lynah Rink                                                               Ithaca, NY                                                      NCAA

Alumni Arena                                                           Cortland, NY                                                   NCAA D3

Utica Memorial Auditorium                                       Utica, NY                                                           AHL

Houston Fieldhouse                                                 Troy, NY                                                          NCAA

Broome County Veterans Arena                               Binghamton, NY                                               AHL

Hartford Civic Center                                                Hartford, CT                                                      NHL

New Haven Coliseum                                               New Haven, CT                                                 AHL

Thunderdome                                                           St. Petersburg, FL                                             NHL

Carver Arena                                                            Peoria, IL                                                           AHL

Chicago Stadium                                                      Chicago, IL                                                        NHL

UIC Pavilion                                                             Chicago, IL                                                       NCAA

Allen County War Memorial Coliseum                     Fort Wayne, IN                                                 ECHL

McMillen Ice Arena                                                  Fort Wayne, IN                                                   UHL

Pepsi Coliseum                                                        Indianapolis, IN                                                   IHL

Broadbent Arena                                                      Louisville, KY                                                    ECHL

Boston Garden                                                         Boston, MA                                                         NHL

Springfield Civic Center                                           Springfield, MA                                                    AHL

Checkerdome                                                          St. Louis, MO                                                       NHL

Dorton Arena                                                            Raleigh, NC                                                       ECHL

RBC Center                                                              Raleigh, NC                                                        NHL

Independence Arena                                                Charlotte, NC                                                     ECHL

Roanoke Civic Center                                              Roanoke, VA                                                      ECHL

Scope Arena                                                            Norfolk, VA                                                           AHL

Huntington Civic Center                                           Huntington, WV                                                   ECHL

Wheeling Civic Center                                              Wheeling, WV                                                     ECHL

Bayshore Community Centre                                   Owen Sound, ON                                                 OHL

Guelph Memorial Gardens                                       Guelph, ON                                                          OHL

Hershey Centre                                                        Mississauga, ON                                                 OHL

Kingston Memorial Centre                                        Kingston, ON                                                       OHL

Kitchener Memorial Auditorium                                Kitchener, ON                                                      OHL

London Ice House                                                    London, ON                                                          OHL

Maple Leaf Gardens                                                 Toronto, ON                                                         NHL

Barrie Molson Centre                                                Barrie, ON                                                            OHL

Oshawa Civic Auditorium                                          Oshawa, ON                                                        OHL

Ottawa Civic Centre                                                   Ottawa, ON                                                         OHL

Peterborough Memorial Centre                                 Peterborough, ON                                                OHL

St. Michael's Arena                                                    Toronto, ON                                                         OHL

Yardmen Arena                                                          Belleville, ON                                                       OHL