Murray Athletic Center Murray Athletic Center Exterior of the hockey arena at the Murray Athletic Center 99370514 Closer view of the dome 196512217 Main entrance and ticket sales area **photo taken March 10, 2010** 99370521 Warmups 99370515 Potsdam State warms up under the Elmira College banners 196512284 This hallway runs behind the large grandstand *photo taken November 14, 2014** 196512215 View from ice level 196512371 This is the concession area inside the arena itself. The picture also features the only scoreboard in the building **photo taken March 10, 2010** 99370520 View of the lower seating area at intermission **photo taken November 14, 2014** 196512216 View of the bleacher seating **photo taken November 14, 2014** 196512285 View of the concession stand and snack bar area located outside of the arena in the adjacent dome **photo taken November 14, 2014** 196512214 Overall view of the seating on one side **photo taken March 10, 2010** 99370522