Cambria County War Memorial Cambria County War Memorial Exterior of the Cambria County War Memorial 66954847 View of the entrance to the arena and box office lobby area 163560794 Concourse 12/31/09 66954837 This is the barricade they pull across the concourse so the visiting team can enter the ice from the locker room 12/31/09 66954841 The teams take a large step down to get onto the ice surface 12/31/09 66954839 Warmups 12/31/09 66954844 View of the end seating and party deck 12/31/09 66954838 Faceoff. Note the spartan luxury suites at the top 12/31/09 66954840 Ice gets flooded. Note the pressbox where the announcer sat in Slap Shot 12/31/09 66954842 Slap Shot Lounge is a museum to commemorate the movie 12/31/09 66954843 Overall view of the arena 12/31/09 66954845 Warmups 163559625