Vic Johnston Community Centre Vic Johnston Community Centre Exterior of Vic Johnston Community Centre 203248899 View from across the street 203248900 Main entrance 203248909 Seating area. Behind these blue seats is a mural showcasing the history of Streetsville which runs the length of the ice 203248901 Warmups as viewed from the top row. Yes you are close to the ice here no matter where you sit 203248902 Faceoff while standing behind the bench 203248904 Steelheads merchandise table 203248898 Faceoff in the corner 203248905 The lobby of this simple arena has the snack bar and a pro shop 203248907 Faceoff under the low wooden ceiling beams 203248906 Benches in the lobby overlook the end of the ice 203248908 The zamboni floods the ice 203248903