Moncton Coliseum Moncton Coliseum The simple, rather unattractive exterior of the Moncton Coliseum 201025171 View of the high side of the building 201025172 This exterior view shows the sloped design of the Coliseum 201025173 Center ice at the Moncton Coliseum 201025175 Warmups 201025174 The Wildcat head is ready for player introductions 201025169 View of the end lobby and Wildcats team store 201025170 Faceoff at center ice as viewed from the low side grandstand 201025176 View of the upper grandstand from the corner of the concourse. Note the sloping metal rafters 201025180 Faceoff in the corner as viewed from the dark upper grandstand 201025179 Concourse 201025177 Faceoff in the corner 201025178