Chip Kenyon '85 Arena Chip Kenyon '85 Arena Exterior of Chip Kenyon '85 Arena 190137639 View of the newly opened Middlebury Squash Center, which is attached to Kenyon Arena and now serves as an entrance point 190137636 View from the parking lot. Note the right side of the photo where the Squash Center attaches to the arena 190137640 Overall view of Kenyon Arena 190137638 National Anthem as viewed from ice level 190137432 Just one of the many trophy cases located in the lobby 190137641 Faceoff at center ice 190137433 A view of the zamboni from the high grandstand on the end 190137643 Faceoff in front of the end bleacher seating 190137434 The lobby features a sculpture of a Panther on a rock, and a model of the new campus Fieldhouse project which is currently under construction 190137637 Faceoff in the corner 190137435 View from the corner as the zamboni floods the ice 190137642