Peterborough Memorial Centre Peterborough Memorial Centre Main entrance of the Peterborough Memorial Centre 186039731 Exterior of the building as viewed from the parking lot 186039733 Another view from the parking lot. The restaurant and club seating entrance is on the corner of the arena 186039734 The zamboni floods the ice 186039836 Warmups in front of the large end grandstand 186039735 Faceoff 186039726 The Memorial Centre features the best local sports Hall of Fame we have ever seen 186039732 View from the upper seating on the North end of the arena 186039729 View of center ice and the scoreboard 186039725 View of the restaurant seats. Note the portrait of the queen hanging above the goal and the wooden ceiling planks 186039730 The concourse features windows below the high-rise seating 186039727 Faceoff in the corner 186039728