Colisee Cardin Colisee Cardin View of the exterior and entrance of Colisee Cardin 164411513 View of the side of the building from the small parking lot 164411518 Arena sign and front entrance 164411514 Box office lobby 164411509 Overall view of the arena 164411516 View from behind the goal 164411511 The team benches are out in the open and separated from the fan concourse by only a rope on game day 164411508 View of the end seats. Note the concrete slab upper seats which are less expensive. 164411512 Close view of the concrete end seats 164411519 Upper concourse. Note the steel pillars which block the view in the last row and some standing spots 164411510 View from ice level of the seating and pressbox 164411515 View from the corner 164411517