Colisee Trois-Rivieres Colisee Trois-Rivieres The art-deco exterior and entrance to Colisee Trois-Rivieres 106432287 Exterior of the arena from the pedestrian bridge and flag stand of the race track 106432288 Box office and lobby 106432281 Overall view of the arena 106432286 Warmups. This end is the end nearest the entrance 106432289 Concourse. Note the elevated standing room area behind the last row of seats 106432282 Warmups viewed from the end seats 106432290 Zamboni readies the ice. Note the support pillars on the far end seating area 106432283 Faceoff. Note the concrete beams protruding from the seating area 106432285 Zamboni floods the ice 106432291 Faceoff and corner seating 106432284 View from side seating as the zamboni goes to work 106432292