Colisee Desjardins Colisee Desjardins Exterior and entrance of Colisee Desjardins 104600670 Box office and lobby area 104600667 Exterior view from the parking lot 104600671 New seats installed this year spell out Tigres 104600672 Warmups 104600675 Zamboni readies the ice before player introductions 104600676 National Anthem. The Canadian flag visible above center ice is actually on one of the new video boards 104600666 Concourse and upper level seats 104600668 Faceoff as the fans in the luxury suites look down on the action 104600669 Concourse and view of the new VIP suites installed above the concourse. The team store is called the "Boutigre" 104600674 View from the end seats 104600677 Overall view of the inside of the arena 104701107