Cataraqui Community Centre Cataraqui Community Centre Exterior and entrance of the Cataraqui Community Centre *photo taken 9/23/2010* 103283466 Entrance and exterior of second ice pad *photo taken in 11/2007* 103283471 Rear of the arena *photo taken 9/23/2010* 103283470 Grandstand seating *photo taken 10/6/2014* 195037116 Lobby and snack bar area *photo taken 9/23/2010* 103283469 Ice surface as viewed from the grandstand *photo taken 11/07* 103283467 View of the grandstands through the windows behind the glass *photo taken 9/26/2010* 103283468 Commemoration and display in the main lobby *photo taken 10/6/2014* 195036918 Scoreboard *photo taken 9/26/2010* 103283472 View from the end of the seating area *photo taken 9/26/2010* 103283473 Hallway and windows which overlook the end of the ice surface *photo taken 10/6/2014* 195036916 View of from ice level *photo taken 10/6/2014* 195036917